Youth Ministry Presents A movie

We have a plan to make a movie for our youth ministry / a part of nlf muscat church. We are seeking for actors and people wgo can lend equipments. *note* this is a free non-paid movie. Please feel free to take part or contact us at our emails.


Little bit update

Praise the lord my beloved.
I am very happy and exited for the ministry to begin. We are planing to start our ministry this week most probably , i will inform you guys


Praise God my dear brother/sister.
I have made this blog based upon my calling from God , to start a Youth Ministry. The most important thing of this ministry is that it’s handled by youths. Just like me– I am Angad , many of you must be knowing me, i have just turned 14 and have taken baptism of the holy spirit , got gift of Toungues .. So basically this blog will have all the Updates on the ministry , it will help u people out there to connect with us. And currently this ministry has not been started…  I am waiting apon the Lord to guide me when to start. Please keep us in your prayers.
Praise God … Glory to jesus…
And God bless You. 🙂